Past Podcasts

Why Africa, Why Now?

In this episode, hear Antoine Delaporte, Managing Director from Adenia Partners, Laurent Demey, Co-Founder & Managing Partner from Amethis, Matthew Hunt, Principal from South Suez Capital, Eric Idiahi, Co-Founder and Partner from Verod Capital Management, Angela Miller-May, Chief Investment Officer from Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund and Jennifer Mbaluto, Partner at Clifford Chance make the case for investing private equity in Africa, despite the perception of risk and uncertainty.

24 September 2019

A Good Company Always Attracts A Buyer

In this episode, hear Hurley Doddy, Managing Director, Founding Partner and co-Chief Executive Officer from Emerging Capital Partners, Ayisi Makatami, Chief Executive Officer from Fanisi Capital, Karima Ola, Partner from Leapfrog Investments and Carlos Reyes, Principal from IFC Asset Management Corporation examine the pathways to liquidity in Africa: the opportunities and bottlenecks when exiting investments.

27 August 2019

Private Credit - An Alternative Financing Solution?

In this episode, hear Marvin Kiragu from Mizizi Capital, Samia Tnani from AfricInvest and Ngalaah Chuphi from Ethos Private Equity examine the alternative fundings solutions private credit offers Africa's businesses.

25 July 2019

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Verod Capital Management has announced its exit from UTL Trust Management. Read more:

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