Global Covid-19 Vaccine Deployment and Private Investment in Africa



AVCA and Invest Africa invite you to our joint webinar on the global COVID-19 vaccine deployment and private investment in Africa.

In this webinar, leading health sector experts, private equity fund managers and entrepreneurs will discuss the challenges and lessons learned from the global Covid-19 vaccination drive; actionable steps to build healthcare resilience; and how to mobilise private capital to support research and development in Africa’s health ecosystem.

Discussion points include:

  • Key lessons from other emerging market economies deploying COVID-19 vaccines, including Asian, Caribbean, and Latin American countries
  • Access to vaccines in Africa and the potential role of the private sector in accelerating deployment
  • The role of private investment in addressing structural healthcare challenges in Africa
  • Practical solutions to supply and distribution deficiencies in the continent’s healthcare systems
  • Public-private collaboration to drive health innovation and research development, especially in the pharma industry

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15 July 2021

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