Silicon Valley or Silicon Savannahs: Venture Capital Investing in Africa

Despite the economic disruption caused by the global health crisis in 2020, the venture capital (VC) industry in Africa demonstrated remarkable resilience as entrepreneurs and investors came together to weather the challenges and uncertainties of the past year.

The pace of VC deal-making on the continent has gained momentum since 2017. According to AVCA’s latest Venture Capital in Africa report, the total volume of reported VC deals in Africa in 2020 was 319, over two times the 140 deals reported in 2019. African fund managers that traditionally focused on private equity (PE) investments on the continent are now concurrently raising VC funds. 62% of the total number of VC deals recorded in Africa between 2014 and 2020 had participation from at least one PE/VC Fund Manager, and PE/VC Fund Managers were also the most active investors by type in Africa between 2014 and 2020. 

As early-stage funding flows into the continent, African governments are increasingly committed to creating supportive environments for entrepreneurship to thrive and remain competitive globally.

In this webinar, leading venture capital investors will examine the current state and the future of Africa’s early-stage ecosystem.

Discussion points include:

  • Reflections on the Silicon Valley funding model and its relevance as Africa’s early-stage ecosystem matures
  • The increasing diversification of actors (by investor type and location) in the venture capital industry
  • Impact and ESG adoption in African venture capital – should impact be a priority?
  • Venture capital versus growth capital – can we expect the volume of VC transactions to outpace the value of PE transactions in the long term?

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07 September 2021

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