Why discretionary family trusts are great for asset protection and estate planning

05 July 2021

As the world continues to navigate its way through Covid-19, many are concerned about taking care of their loved ones should the worst come to pass. Indeed, the pandemic has brought asset protection and estate planning to the forefront of financial planni…

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Driving change and positive outcomes through deal documentation

09 June 2021

The critical role of development finance institutions (DFIs) in helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals is well documented (see additional resources below). As a DFI, FinDev Canada’s mission is impact-driven as we seek to deploy and mobilise …

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The Special Purpose Fund (SPF) rules in Mauritius

25 May 2021

The Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) recently released a set of rules under the Special Purpose Fund (SPF) regime to provide further flexibility and ease access to new markets. The rules provide flexibility and global competitive cost structu…

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Collaboration is vital to increase the resilience of economies threatened by the climate crisis

12 May 2021

The case for accelerating investment in climate adaptation and resilience is clear. The latest scientific evidence shows the significant impact of climate change on economies, communities and natural systems. We know that increases to a global temperatu…

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Value creation is a combination of talent, strong processes and governance

13 April 2021

In 2013, Albert Alsina founded Mediterrania Capital Partners and began refining his model of Value Creation while working directly with small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and mid-cap companies in Africa. Since that time, Albert and his team have engage…

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Gender-smart impact investing in emerging markets

08 March 2021

The global investment opportunity to improve the lives of women and their families is becoming increasingly well recognised. According to IFC, women-led small and medium enterprises (SMEs) worldwide face a US$1.4trn shortfall in access to credit. A McKins…

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Resilience, resurgence and results in 2021

04 February 2021

As the first quarter of 2021 is fully underway, there is a widespread hope that this year will mark the beginning of economic recovery and the transition to a smarter future driven by data, technology adoption, cross-country and cross-sector collaboration…

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Stronger financial systems create better jobs

02 February 2021

Last year, the World Bank argued that Africa is well-positioned to take advantage of new digital technologies — if governments can encourage innovation and investment to flow, including by increasing access to finance. This, the report argues, will unleas…

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Getting to the Root of Africa’s Food Challenges

14 January 2021

Senegal is home to 350,000 herding families. But in Dakar, the West African nation’s capital, grocery store shelves are piled high with powdered milk—mainly imported from Europe. The situation is a stark example of the stubborn agriculture production and…

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