Round-Up: Inaugural AVCA ESG Practitioners' Roundtable

23 Nov 2017

Following the inaugural AVCA ESG Practitioners' Roundtable which took place on Monday 16th October 2017, led by the AVCA Sustainability Committee, we are pleased to announce the formation of an industry initiative to drive the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards across Africa. The intent is to form a network of practitioners and use the roundtable sessions to share experience, learn from each other, and identify successful ESG implementation practices.

The inaugural roundtable was significantly oversubscribed and a huge success, with discussions focused on three core areas:
  • Adapting to the challenge of a changing climate
  • Finding new opportunities in water and waste management
  • Bringing good practices on labour and working conditions to African businesses (both core business as well as temporary workers and supply chains)
The next roundtable will take place at the 15th Annual AVCA Conference, in Marrakech, MoroccoTopics of discussion include:
  • Resources: Many development finance institutions (DFIs) have developed standards, and other industry associations have developed summaries of these, including EMPEA which has produced a booklet of ESG Standards. Two key toolkits and internationally recognised standards are the CDC ESG Toolkit and the IFC Performance Standards. 
  • Quantification: How can ESG initiatives be measured and financially quantified?
  • Cost: Should the investment ticket include provisions for ESG consideration and completion of ESG Action Plans?
  • Africa-focused Issues: The continent has specific challenges in implementing ESG policies. We seek to elaborate on what these are, and determine what Africa's unique challenges mean for businesses and private equity firms.
  • Climate Risk: This remains a frequent discussion point and business opportunity in the ESG space. How can we dive deeper into how global thought and the agenda on climate change apply to private equity?
  • Resource Efficiency in Africa
For more information, and to discuss participation, please contact
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