Partech leds US$2mn Seed Round Investment in Gebeya inc.

06 Feb 2020

Encouraging further development of the African tech scene, the online software outsourcing Marketplace company Gebeya have secured a $2 Million dollar seed round investment co-led by Partech and Orange Digital Ventures and followed by Consonance Investment Managers.

Gebeya, headquartered in Ethiopia, is a Pan African Ed Tech company which focuses on encouraging the next generation of African youth, preparing them for the demands of the global market. The investment that they have secured will go towards strengthening their mission to support those aiming to enter the tech world, by scaling up its training and marketplace services in Francophone Africa as well as launching their online African talent marketplaces.

The investment follows a previous funding round in which Gebeya secured $500 000 from the International Finance Corporation in 2019 to support their efforts in balancing the gender gap in the African tech sphere. Through the Digital Gender Ethiopia program, Gebeya vowed to train a total of 250 aspiring female software engineers in Back-End/Front-End Engineering, Business Analysis, DevOps, Mobile Application and UX/UI Engineering. The evident dedication to the African tech scene is the attitude that is necessary in a world in which start-ups, in particular those regarding technology, are becoming increasingly significant in shifting entire economies.

“At Partech Africa, we’ve  been watching this space closely and we believe there is a large opportunity to address unmet demand and create value for the growing pool of African talent on the global stage. With Gebeya’s model and  the team’s dedication to this challenge and the amazing progress they’ve made so far, we are really excited to join them in the next stage”, said Tidjane Deme, General Partner at Partech Africa.

The African startup boom, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, is being accelerated by companies, with Gebeya at the forefront, who recognize the importance of increasing African presence in the startup world by training a new generation of entrepreneurs and skilled tech workers. To find out more about this investment and what it will be used for, click here


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