AVCA 2017 Annual Limited Partner Survey

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#AVCA_Africa member @IFC_org to speak at #AVCACon2018 - Maria Kozloski - Global Head and Chief Investment Officer… https://t.co/Go6on6pm64

#AVCACon2018 LP speaker, Richard Rincon, Senior Investment Officer of University of Texas Investment Company, which… https://t.co/cmKtMDldIW

#AVCA_Africa is proud to present institutional investor Conville Britz, General Manager of Government Institutions… https://t.co/a6AXcKPcfT

#AVCA_Africa member Adenia Partners is driving development through acquiring a controlling stake in construction, e… https://t.co/KqjN7odUAS

RT @CDCgroup: Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) are doing increasingly more, but people aren't all that familiar with exactly what a…